Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's a slow start to 2013....

I didn't want to share my resolutions this year in fear that I may not live up to them. {maybe deep down I knew they were not realistic}
We have not had a very good start to 2013. With one family member home sick from work all week we have been hibernating watching some crazy movies and trying to stay out of this ridiculous heat wave.

I have been feeling a little lost this past week. Nothing really being wrong but also not knowing what it is that weighing me down. The heat? Lack of sleep? My inspiration has gone out the window. Trying to decide what to do next is kind of tough. Do we open another store? do I take a bit of a Three Sparrows time out and save this year and try and get ourselves ahead financially again? I have no idea.

But this morning while reading one of my favourite blogs design love fest I found a kind of relief to know that I am not the only one. It's like she is reading my thoughts... sigh! business.

let me be honest with you today. i don’t feel the best. somehow the new year didn’t start off quite right for me. instead of feeling inspired and motivated, i have felt a lot of pressure and a little numb. i didn’t receive a package of good ideas on my doorstep on january 1st. (and how unrealistic to think i would?) the truth is, i need a little time. time to sleep in my own bed. time to feel creative. time with my friends to come up with ideas after a morning mimosa session. i think i might be having an emo moment because yesterday i even said out loud “what am i doing with my life?” i might as well put back on my black plastic bracelets from high school and start listening to death cab for cutie again.
arian went out of town for a day, so i am just here with my own thoughts and i already feel better. not that i love having him away, because i surely don’t. but it’s nice to just sit and think about why i’ve been feeling this way. (read this article about disconnecting that a friend sent me) i guess i just need to come to the realization that the new year actually means nothing if you don’t want it to. it’s not a timer that says you have to do better at midnight. you don’t have to start eating your broccoli and be mad at yourself if you haven’t started that yet (guilty)…and maybe you haven’t even thought aboutyour goals this year and have been doing all the same bad habits as last year. (guilty) i think that’s just fine. we can be rebels together.
for those of you that can be like me, and have set totally ridiculous expectations for yourself…let’s just chill out a little bit. take a nap. take a walk. breathe a little. and let 2013 happen naturally.
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