Tuesday, 18 December 2012

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To..

I kind of feel for the little ones of today, I don't think I have seen any good Christmas movies for kids in YEARS. We had Steve's Niece and Nephew {5 and 10} stay with us 2 weekends ago and we decided to pre record some Chrissy flicks that aired during the week to watch in our living room popcorn party. I was shocked and kind of really scared and grossed out by Jim Carey's - A Christmas Carol. We had to double check what the rating on it was.

What happened to all the classics that they played year after year when I was little? Why did they stop? I think Little ones are being exposed to so much technology, violence and scary things these days that we are going to have even bigger problems with the future generations. I never really noticed how much things have changed until now. We are at the stage in our life that we have so many Little's coming into this world and our life that it really makes me wonder what our children's generation will be exposed to.

The tragedy that occurred just last week in Newtown, Conn is a fitting example of little ones innocence being taken away too soon. Not only the victims but the families, siblings, survivors etc who will never get back what they lost. I say bring back some more Mary-Kate and Ashley movies and let our little ones dress, play and act like children and hold onto that innocence for as long as you can. They have more years as grown ups than they do as children. My thoughts and prayers are with those families this holiday season.

This being said it is waaaay off the point and topic of my post. I want Christmas movies back on TV, not just for the Little's but for me! Here are a few of my old and some not so old favourite Christmas movies:
 ^^Anything that stars Olivia Newton John is a winner in my book. - A Mom for Christmas ^^
 ^^Arnie doing kids flicks. Its funny just thinking about it. - Jingle all the Way ^^ 
 ^^I can love change, sometimes... But somethings just shouldn't change and 2 dimensional Mickey is one of them. I think new 3D Mickey's Clubhouse is weird and it gives me head spins. - Mickey's Christmas Carol.^^  
 ^^ Just Classic. I guess my fixation with New York started young - Miracle on 34th Street^^
 ^^ This tale has been told in so many different ways but the Muppet's can never get it wrong. - The Muppet Christmas Carol. ^^
^^ These two are the cutest... And I think this is one of the sweetest films they did. I'm biased though I grew up watching Full House every afternoon. - To Grandmothers House We Go ^^
^^ I don't know if this movie is even well known or if anyone has ever watched it. But for some reason we had it on VHS {yep, those old things} and I think my sisters and I watched it over a million times. I remember it as "Bushfire Moon" but after some good old google research I found it was called Miracle Down Under??? What ever it's name was it was an interesting Aussie take on our million degree Christmases. ^^

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