Wednesday, 5 December 2012

liar, liar pant's on fire!

After a very stressful weekend and devastating start to the week {we are still fighting to get our summer collection here} I have made myself sick stressing and dealing with some very difficult issues here at TS. Yesterday was a real low day, almost to the brink of packing the whole dream in and loosing faith that there are still decent people out there. Dramatic I know but I blame sleep deprivation. Thankfully I have some amazing people around me who keep me positive and help me try and not take it to heart. But let me tell you, it's hard to switch off and not take it personally.

I can accept that business is hard, financially, mentally, physically etc etc but why is dealing with absolute jerks, {for there is no nicer word} liars, scammers "have" to be a part of business? 
This I can not understand.
 It has made me think and question as to why people in business {some even quite successful} lie straight to your face, cheat and have zero remorse on what this does to the other party involved.

What kind of people are these?
Does Karma eventually find them?
How do they still have clients/customers?
 How many more of these people am I going to have to deal with in my business?
Did these people go through the same thing? and are now getting revenge on the little guy?
Charging people for a service and then not delivering what was promised, isn't that theft? 
oh, and that's against the law right?
these and many many more questions like these are what go through my head as I stare at the ceiling every night... yep every night.

We have had our amazing up's {especially in the last year and I am so grateful} but we have had some incredible lows too.
What I do know for certain is that being honest works for us as a business and we intend to keep it that way.
But I still can't help to get upset when people have such little respect for one another. 
It's just plain meanness.

I am by no means the first or last person to go through this. 
My blog is my outlet for all the exciting things that happen on the Three Sparrows journey 
but as you can probably tell not everything runs smoothly 100% of the time.

So..... that was my vent and it has probably made no sense but for what it's worth, I feel better now!

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