Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy Happy New Year!

I thought I would pop back on after a few days off to wish you all a safe and happy new year. Thank you for all your support this year on the blog, online store as well as in our shop this holiday season. We have come a long way this year with a few up's and downs along the way but all in all it has been a great year. We have so many exciting ideas for 2013 and I can't wait to share.

While going through old archives from throughout the year it's crazy how much we have actually accomplished in what really is not much time at all. Here are a few of my favourite moments from our year.
^^ Our very first stockist ^^
 ^^ My dear friend Carmen's Special Day ^^
 ^^ Location Scouting Trips ^^
 ^^ The most wonderful time of the year ^^
 ^^ More Wedded Bliss ^^
 ^^ More Reasons to Love Winter ^^
 ^^ 2012 the Year of Weddings and looks like 2013 is the year of babies ^^
 ^^ We hosted our first Birthdays in our own place ^^
 ^^ Three very handsome Generations of Toth Men ^^
^^ Like every season I lovingly try to embrace Stevie's passion ^^
 ^^ Dream Birthday thanks to my man... I love you ^^
^^ This lifelong friend is making me an auntie next year ^^
 ^^ This Guy ^^ I can't think of anyone better to spend all my years with ^^
^^ Shop opening ^^

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