Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bad Blogger... and people lie

I have been missing this past week {bad blogger} but trust me you would not want to hear what I had to say. After a very devastating week it truly makes me wonder how people can be so horrible, especially with Christmas around the corner.

I was watching one of my favourite reality shows this morning million dollar decorator - Ok yea, I watch reality television but in me defence some of them are good, educational and well good for inspiration... Steve hates them because they are always design related and kind of cheesy and flamboyant. -

anyway, one of my favourite designers on the show Mary McDonald was dealing with a difficult client and as annoying and difficult as she was Mary was able to clench her jaw and stay cool, classy and move forward. I am sure there was a bit of editing in production to make her appear that way I thought at first. Then she made a comment in her little video commentary (staple of reality shows).
"I am older than you and one thing I know is people LIE
She was waiting on a key item {wallpaper} to complete her shop fit. This was promised would be on schedule and it was almost the day of opening and yep no wallpaper. She knew that this would happen and after her years of experience she takes peoples dishonesty into account when working out her deadlines and is therefor prepared. - I wish I had watched this episode 3 months ago.

I find it very sad that we have to work this way and that we have to be so distrusting of each other.
So getting to my point. In Three Sparrows world this week {from hell} we received our new SUMMER stock. {extremely behind schedule and a whole 13 days before Christmas} On top of it's lateness we found that we have a lot of stock missing. Not sent? Stolen? we don't know... we do know that there is a lot of finger pointing and no solutions. Let's say I did not have Mary's grace and cried pretty much all day and night. {sorry Stevie}

So this is why I have been away. I am much better today i have accepted what is and lesson has been learnt and I think a page will be taken out of Mary McDonald's book... People Lie and there is nothing you can do about it.

Thanks Mary.

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