Friday, 14 December 2012

A splash of colour or be safe beige...?

I am thinking that our lounge room needs a splash of colour.
We have some very special visitors coming in Feb that we are very excited about. {my parentals} So I think after a very busy year of being in our place it's about time we made it more homey and US!

I have been doing some research on a few of my fav blogs for inspiration on colours and patterns but I now don't know what direction I want to go in.
 zigzag? stripes? spots? brights? neutrals?? Oh dear...
^^I have a feeling these won't pass the lounge boss filter but I do love the colours. Pic: designlovefest^^

^^Rug and Ottoman both from Urban Outfitters. We spent hours in there in NY & LA^^
^^ More designlovefest inspiration^^

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