Friday, 2 November 2012

It's slow poke Friday!

I am making it a thing - slow poke Friday!
After much procrastinating/wishing this morning of all these amazing things I want, - but don't necessarily need or have time to do lately. - I thought I would waste some more time and make a little collective. 
Hopefully if I stare at it long enough they will somehow materialise on my doorstep.
- It can happen - 
1. This neat and tidy office would be nice... organisation & natural light helps. TS HO = the opposite.
2. Packed with love tape from the
3. self explanatory and can be found here!
4. I have been wanting a bike for months and I think this will suit my stack-hat nicely.
5. I love indoor plants but I don't know if I am ready to make that kind of commitment yet. Maybe a cactus?
6. Now this I would love to materialise in ooooh say 2 hours, my kitchen? 
7. bangs! Everything keeps telling me yes yes yes... but my busy schedule keeps telling me growing hair in eyes will drive you mental.... meh...cross that bridge when I get to it? oooor my buddy bobby, bobby pin...?
8. sweet treats!
9. This is actually something I wish I could stop doing. Dropping all my wooden spoons behind the stove. I mean honestly the other day I wasn't even using it???
10. Red Shorts. These are from Urban Outfitters.... devastated it's sold out.
11. iPhone case.... here.
12. Some flowers.
13. This monkey... I promise to look after it more than an indoor plant.
14. Eberjey Gisele PJ set... in LOVE!
15. whatever this is, I see eggs so I will have 12 please.... I am not pregnant I swear.
16. A night in with some cheesy chick flicks... and no boy flicks to sport...
17. Classy hair bows... shattered I didn't pick some up when in the States... 

*Most pic credits have been linked but please let me know if there is any more as some pic's are from Pinterest *

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