Thursday, 8 November 2012

and this lady is getting married...

{no not me mum, the other lady}
With busy schedules and both of us going on some life changing holidays it has been months since we have had a proper chance to catch up and exchange stories.
This was a different/strange kind of catch up though, weird in the sense of.... 
1. I could not offer her anything to eat or drink because we had no power from 9am till 7.30pm,
so we had to kick it old school and actually talk.
and 2. Because we are having an actual grown up conversation... weddings, babies, houses??? what?
when did we grow up?

I met Estelle 13 years ago in IT class. It was a new school {going from co-ed to all girls = not a happy camper} and a new town... But the quiet girl at the what now seems like a monster computer station in front of me and I found a common ground. The mutual hate of our IT teacher, who seemed to pass us in tests but write mean comments on our exam papers in red pen??? oh and the love of making LISTS!
We have lived and travelled to all corners of the world since then LA, Europe, Asia and South America and we have finally come back full circle and decided to set our roots down in the place we always called home.

Estelle has a reputation for always being the bridesmaid and never the bride.
{I nicknamed her 27 dresses}
 Engaged to the lovely Raffi now its her time to be the one in the white dress and I could not be happier for her and most of all honoured to have been asked to be one of her bridesmaids.

Congratulations Estelle and Raffi we wish you a lifetime of happiness on this new adventure in life.

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