Monday, 8 October 2012

it's my birthdaaaay!

Today I turned 29 {boooo} Yep... the big 2-9 or as steve likes to remind me 'the last year of my twenties' In saying that I don't think any birthday is ever going to live up to this one. For years I have dreamt of coming to NY, never could I have imagined it to be like this or to be lucky enough to spend a birthday here with such an amazing man. 

it all began yesterday with a sweet stroll through times square as it ticked over midnight.
After a super sleep in we headed down to Bubby's in Tribeca for amazing late breakfast {if you are in NY please go! the food & coffee here is beyond words... no, there are no words} Then my day was all about strolls in this crazy NY rain that seems to never stop. I am not complaining I could get struck by lightning here and it would still be ok.. we had afternoon tea at Alice's tea cup and after heading back to the hotel to do a quick pack of our overflowing suitcases it was time for dinner. It was a lovely/perfect day ended by watching all my creepy unsolved mysteries and crime shows in a warm hotel. {I know I have a serious problem} Oh... and even though we walked for blocks and blocks looking for a cake or donut as my birthday dessert with no success, steve's rendition of  happy birthday to you in the pouring rain under one umbrella was 1000 times better. {and minus the calories}. 

thank you so much Stevie! I love you and it has been an amazing 5 weeks. I am so grateful for you and all the wonderful people in my life. 

I think 29 is going to be a great year! If it's anything like 28 I just can't wait ....

Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes, again I love you all so much!

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