Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My name is Ana and I am a Football widow.

I feel that Stevie does not get enough credit for all he does around here... Three Sparrows, household chores and most importantly THERAPIST! so I am dedicating a post especially to him and north melbourne just quietly before we go away.... {I am sitting here staring at my suitcase because I am too excited to sleep.}

I thought I might impress him with some of the knowledge that he has given me about this Australian pastime in the last year and a bit that we have been together. {as he believes it goes in one ear and out the other - sometimes it does} I will start by saying before I met Steve I knew zero about football, now it consumes my life - well my lounge room and weekends - and it is slowly slowly growing on me.

Things I Know:

1. Names - Brent Harvey {Boomer}, Andrew Swallow{s}- I always get corrected on that one, Hamish McIntosh, Drew Petrie, Lindsay Thomas, Jack Ziebell, Wayne Carey....
2. The coach is Brad Scott 
3. The captain is Andrew Swallow
4. They did a special training in the U.S.A before this season {I want to say Utah???}
5. They have made it into the finals
6.  One of the former coaches was Ron Barassi
7. Their last premiership was in 1999 {I think :s}
8. They have a new training facility in Arden Street
9. James Brayshaw does something???? Oh the president maybe? haha I can't remember.
10. Boomer played his 300th game just recently- I was there. and he just signed on for another season

aaaaaaand now my brain hurts. So there you have it Stevie boy I do listen and take it in :) Unfortunately we will not be here for finals and it is killing him so I am going to spend the rest of my sleepless night trying to find the best place in LA to go watch it {Live?} open to any suggestions guys.

Goodnight all and enjoy the finals oh and GRAND FINAL DAY!

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