Saturday, 15 September 2012

LA part one...

1. Santa Monica Pier
2. Our amazing Inn. The Brentwood this place is a must to stay in LA.
Away from all the hustle n bustle, service is great, lovely staff, fresh milk and cookies when you get back in the afternoon to change for dinner and drinks. 
oh and we found out that Adam Sandler and the Affleck's lives down the road so keep your eyes peeled.
3.Barney's onion's with a side of Burger... BUT so delicious.
4. Save the date people for our house warming party.... yeah right.
5. Game enough to get close to snap the exotic birds, not so with the exotic snakes.
6. Soda and ice cream on Santa Monica Pier.
7. Burritos and Margs in Cabo Cantina.

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