Thursday, 23 August 2012

remembering old friends....

this post at my fav blog rockstar diaries made me cry this week.
{a blubbering mess actually}

It brought up memories of when everyone in our household parted ways overseas, work, school etc and me and Phoebe {our family dog} were left to keep each other company.

We did okay for a while until Phoebe realised that the smaller place and lack of backyard was not a holiday and no one was coming back anytime soon.
There are only a handful of moments in my life that have truly broken my heart {thankfully} but seeing a seriously sad pup drag her little blankie to the open balcony in the morning and refuse to come in even if it was raining buckets almost killed me. 

Phoebe was an outside dog and was hardly ever indoors so moving to a one bedroom townhouse with no backyard was tough for her. I made the executive decision to find her a new home.
 {a battle due to her being 12 years old and the only children she liked was us 3 girls}

A lovely retired fellow responded to my ad and they got along like a house on fire {TICK}
Had a little business that he ran from home, so could spend lots of time with her {TICK}
Had a big backyard for her to roam in and out as she pleased {TICK}
Actually letting her go.... { X }
It was tough but I knew it was the best for her. It was like a movie scene watching her in the passenger side window all excited for a car ride and plopping her paws on the window to get a better look. Then realising... hey! why aren't you getting in?
The lovely fellow that took her kept me posted on how she was doing every few months but we lost touch after I changed jobs and emails etc. I always wonder how her life was after her time in our family and hope that she stayed happy and healthy for many years.

I can can feel the pain these guys are feeling to let their beloved Kingsley go so
I wish them the best of luck in their new city and with their new little family.

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