Friday, 6 July 2012

Oh dear.....

Dear FedEx, 
Can you please hurry up and stop sending my parcel to random cities across the U.S.A. Or even better... send me to pick it up in Memphis, Tennessee or even Hawaii {I'm flexible} as your tracking system seems to think this is the most efficient and direct route from Peru to Australia???

Dear ladies who live upstairs,
Please stop dragging your furniture from one side of your apartment to the other at random hours of the day/night 7 days a week.... no, really please stop.

Dear web developers,
....Yup, don't have anything nice to say sooo, will say anything at all.

Dear kiddies,
Your Uncle Steve and I can't wait to have you over this weekend and explore the Melbourne Aquarium. together.

Dear Livinia Nixon,
Please keep your promise of sunshine this weekend.

and finally.... Dear Stevie,
I LOVE you... can we get a puppy? :D

..... I feel better.... have a lovely weekend everyone. xox

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