Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hi my name is Ana... I live under a rock...

OK so I don't have a radio in my car and I am a bit behind with the music of today... this suits me just fine being a fan of classic oldies and pop 80's. {I'm as happy as a clam with my one and only George Michael CD on loop for the past 6 months - I don't drive much}. But I am not completely detached from reality. Every week when my sister comes over and updates her iPhone I usually get some random new track added to my iTunes that pop up while doing the housework. These tracks are usually ok but one in particular truly bothered me and surprise surprise it was by Pitbul... I don't know why but this man gives me the heebie jeebies. Maybe it's the glasses indoors or how he ruins some perfectly good songs... I don't know where I want this post to go buuut... all I can say is that I would much rather have the memory of this video than Pitbul.
On that note I might go watch some dirty dancing... again.


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