Tuesday, 3 July 2012

guest post || By New Mum Kate

Parenthood is not easy and whoever says being a parent is, either don't have any or are delusional! 

With all that said I should probably start off by saying I love being a mum and especially being a mum to my beautiful 2 year old Lily Audrey. I'm a recently turned 28 Hairdresser, married to Mark the Plumber and currently expecting bub #2. {a very exciting time for us all}

Like most first time mums I had no idea what to expect when I fell pregnant. I found myself seeking advice from family, friends and also those millions of parenting books out there.
So... with all that advice I found that its OK to take what you need on board and find out what is going to work best for you and your baby.
All this being said my Lily just turned 2... Yep which means we are at that "trying" age where she is starting to push her boundaries and become a little more independent or better known as the
"terrible two's"
Lilly loves to be outdoors especially at the park where she could stay for hours driving me insane when its time to leave! {Exhibit A below}
She loves being a girlie girl and playing with her dolls but fancies a bit of Lego from time to time.

Giving birth to Lilly wasn't exactly the way I had imagined it would go.
My water broke at home and we went to the hospital where I was induced..... anyone who has gone though this will agree not fun! 
After about 7 hours of pain I was given an epidural and told that I had only dilated a total of 2cm in about 10hours! Result??? Emergency cesarean.
I was terrified of what could happen I had no idea what to expect, and I suppose a little naive in thinking that it would never happen to me. {Even with all my research}

However, as scary and painful as it all was she was born a beautiful and healthy 7 pounds.
It was in that exact moment.. The moment I saw her... I was in love!

It was in that first moment that I realised just how lucky I am to be called her mummy
We have a special bond that will last forever!

xox Kate and Lilly.

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