Thursday, 17 May 2012

sometimes tough decisions must be made... {Giveaway Closed}

In business maybe.... but in everyday life.... when things get hectic roasted chestnuts for dinner 2 nights in a row just seems to make sense... after an up and down week of Three Sparrows (yes again) and going into my 8th day in a row of casual work I am so excited that the week is coming to an end!

We would also like to thank everyone that has supported us up in the Dayelsford area we hope to be back there really soon... We would love to hear your feedback... i feel a giveaway coming on.... comment below if you have purchased or received as a gift any of our Three Sparrows range.. and be in the running to win your choice of a Winter Angora Knit!

This is Chester... He was special
I got a laugh (maybe a little too long a laugh judging by steve's face) mostly because his 'meh' attitude was exactly how I felt that night....

Sadly he is no longer with us...

R.I.P Chester
Does anyone remember these? Best find ever.
finally I have decided that everyone should start their morning with a boardwalk. 
Even if that walk is towards work.
have a good friday tomorrow and I hope I can find some extra hours in the day to post our winter pics...


  1. would love to win some of your range with a new little one on the way :)

  2. Congratulations Carley :D So happy to hear...

  3. ha ha figured it out :) Sad to hear about Chester, but sometimes we must sacrifice for the greater good :) I know a little fella that would look lovely in an angora knit - or maybe his smaller little baby brother :)cheers becc


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