Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sometimes there are NO words

After a terrible week in the land of three sparrows I am left with no words...
(explains the lack of posting) As the saying goes:

So after talking to mum (one of my voices of reason) all the way on the other side of the planet I will let go and share the little things that did make my week a little brighter...

The beautiful wedding of our friends Cass and Dan, a magnificent day!
May your life together be filled with laughter and joy xox
Photography: Sally Goodall
Flowers by: Floral Passion 

The breakfast/lunch of champions KFC...
Result of a great night out, no time for glamour shots just eat eat eat! 

Public holiday.... 
Martha Stewart (aka M-Stew in this household) does it again, 
the best French toast recipe I have found so far... must try.
Forgetting that I live in Melbourne and how quickly this beautiful day can turn into the devil!
I am starting to think that Sorrento is trying to tell me something...
Plotting how I can make it out of my local cafe with these chairs a newspaper and a skinny latte without drawing attention to myself???

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