Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My week...

As Three Sparrows gets busier and busier it amazes me everyday the wonderful people I meet and the amazing hidden treasures I find along the way. On my very early morning drive down to the Dandenongs in search for a perfect Winter photo shoot location last week, I now have less of an idea than before where to shoot. It was all too lovely how do I decide???
(I might stress here that I am no photographer. I have 0 technique, I just keep the shots I think look pretty. I leave the real stuff to the professional Sally Goodall)

If you don't mind being watched while you have your breakfast you might want to head down to the Kallista Tea Room. Kid's will absolutely love watching the native birds come eat at the Tea Room's windowsill.... I sure did. 

National Rhododendron Gardens

Did you know? the Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest trees in the world? It is a living fossil actually and they have dated some back to the Jurassic Period. I had never seen one in Australia (or anywhere) and only heard about it while working in South America. Was kind of a bit excited to see one in the flesh... or in the leaf...???

I must stop finding cute small towns! It's getting hard to decide which one I love the most.

One of the sweetest stores I have encountered. Always a sucker for some new wool after my crazy knitting obsession last winter, (I never finish anything because I get too excited and start 40 different projects at once. I will finish you a scarf this season Steve, I promise xox) anyway... you must visit the Sassafras Wool Store. The owner Heather (a local) is lovely and so welcoming. Sassafras Wool Store not only features Australian and International yarns, needles, patterns and knitting accessories, it has some amazing Antique furniture, China, Auto memorabilia (vintage dinky, matchbox etc) and gifts.... 
A Joy!

That is all.... I got a bit excited with photos today... happy hump day!

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