Friday, 6 April 2012


Hope you are all enjoying the Good Friday break. Especially if you're in Melbourne this sun could quite possibly be the last we see in a while.... 

Happy Holidays and long weekend xox

We have another great creation from the brilliant mind of Laura this week... We have been very lucky to have her sharing the fun she has with little Miranda for the past few weeks... So a BIG thank you Laura and Miranda xox

This DIY is really easy and is a great basic activity that you can customise into so many other things such as  cushions and plush toys.
We are making a moon and three star plush ‘artsy installation’ which is great for babies’ and kids’ rooms. The key to making it look so very cute is choosing and using a good combination of vintage floral fabrics. We used a couple of vintage Laura Ashley shirts together with some patchwork and dress fabrics. Two of the fabrics are cool hues, two are warm hues. Two have a sparse pattern, two have a dense pattern. Choosing the fabrics this way means we get a nice contrast and the fabrics look good together.
Cut out a sun and moon shape from some A4 paper. These are your patterns. Pin them to your fabrics and cut out one moon and three star shapes. Find a fabric that you can use the back of the shapes. We just used some old floral pyjama pants fabric! So you will end with two moons and six stars.
For each of the four shapes you are going to make, pin the two sides together inside out and stitch leaving about 4cm open. Crop the external corners and nip the internal corners.
Turn the shapes right side out and use a knitting needle or kitchen tool to push out the corners so they are relatively sharp. Press.
Stuff the shapes with hobby fill through the 4cm gap you left when you sewed them together.
Hand stitch the gaps closed.
String the shapes up using fishing line. In order to fasten them to the fishing line, nip two little holes and thread the fishing line through then make a knot to keep them from sliding along the fishing line.
Hang it up and enjoy it! You can hang this from two ceiling hooks, off a shelf, or even string it up in the window.  

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