Friday, 16 March 2012

Tutu Friday's...

This project is so easy and so cute!
For little babies who are commando-ing and crawling, traditional tutu skirts really get in the way. This is more of a ‘Swan Lake’ tutu with shoulder ruffles and the tutu at the back for easier ‘dancing’!
You will need:
Tulle, preferably a softer variety that won’t feel scratchy to wear.
A onesie. I used a Three Sparrows short sleeve onesie.
A baby to play with your tulle and enjoy wearing the finished product.
Fabric scissors.
Thread to match your tulle.
A needle.
Sewing machine is optional but a good idea.
Cut your tulle into long strips of about 1.5 metres long and 2 inches wide. Cut 8-10 strips. The more strips you cut, the more tutu layers you will end up with. More is better in the case of tutu layers. Thread your needle and concertina the tulle strips onto your needle creating ruffles of a length that suit the width of your onesie.

Sew one ruffle on each sleeve where the sleeve joins the main body of the onesie. You can stitch this by hand or sew with a machine. Be careful not to stitch through both layers of the onesie or nobody will be wearing it.

 Arrange the remaining ruffles onto the bottom of the onesie in the way you want them to sit. Pin them in place and stitch (sewing machine recommended). I used 6 ruffles in this tutorial – and put a shorter ruffle at the top and bottom to make a nice round shape.

You are done! It looks great doesn’t it?

What a great out fit for a party!

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