Friday, 23 March 2012

One of our Sparrow's is out of line... In a good way of course.

You can make this adorable felt hair clip with almost any shape and in any colours that you like.
Hearts for valentine’s day, a balloon shape for a birthday, school colours…
Today we have recruited one of the Three Sparrows sparrow shapes to be our hair clip.
All you need is:
Paper shape template
Two different colours of felt. 
(REMEMBER: it is contrast that makes things look good so be whacky with your choice for delicious results)
Good quality fabric scissors
Needle and thread
A hair clip
A pin  

STEP ONE: Cut out your shape using the main colour felt – the felt that is going to be the top layer.
STEP TWO: Pin it onto the contrasting colour felt and cut around the shape leaving about 3mm under hang. So you get a nice contrasting border.
STEP THREE: Snip a small hole in the bottom layer and insert an open hair clip. The top side of the hair clip is on top of the shape and the ‘tongue’ of the hair clip will go through the hole you cut. Snap the hair clip shut.
STEP FOUR: Put the top shape over the hair clip and stitch around it in contrasting colour thread.

Believe it or not, that is all it takes! You’ll be addicted to making these little hair clips in all shapes and colours.

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